Crop Alerts

May 2014: Hessian Fly Alert

Hessian fly problems are being seen in areas of the Coastal Plain and Tidewater. Learn how to recognize them and management options.


An excellent video on Hessian fly can be found here!

May 2013: Head Scab and Grain DON

Head Scab is being found throughout North Carolina. Growers need to scout their fields now to determine if DON grain levels may be too high.


An excellent video on head scab can be found here!

April 2013: Stripe Rust Alert For NC

Stripe rust has arrived in North Carolina. Growers should be watching for the development of stripe rust "hot-spots" in their fields and be prepared to spray a triazole containing fungicide if needed to control this disease.


Information about fungicides for stripe rust and other wheat diseases can be found here!


April 2013: Yellow Wheat Needs Help!

Many growers are reporting that their wheat is not greening up after topdressing. Causes for this can include cold damage, nutrient deficiencies, and soil virus infections.

January 2013: Hessian Fly, Herbicide Resistance, & Stripe Rust

Hessian fly have been reported in wheat fields across the state. New control recommendations are available.


Herbicide resistant chickweed is being investigated and growers are encouraged to begin resistance managment practices for broadleaf weed control.


Stripe rust may be problematic this winter & spring.

July 2012: Wheat Variety Recommendations

Wheat acreage is likely to be up again this coming season, and seed supply of our most popular varieties may be limited. This crop update is a brief summery of wheat variety performance and characterisitcs to help growers sellect high yielding varieties for planting this  fall.

February 2012: Managing "Big Wheat"

Planting last fall began in early October and continued into December. Weather conditions have been unseasonably warm. This resulted in some wheat fields being well advanced, about to joint, and at risk of lodging. This alert covers options for managing "big wheat", including grazing, mowing, reducing nitrogen rates, and use of plant growth regulators.

December 2011: Yellow Wheat & Ryegrass

Many acres of off color wheat are showing up around North Carolina. Causes of these symtoms include herbicide carry-over, very low soil pH, high soil pH, and manganese deficiencies. The warm weather has also resulted in rapid weed growth. This alert covers management options for diagnosing and treating "yellow wheat", and for controling broadleaf weeds, annual blue grass, and Italian ryegrass.